About Homestead Restoration Company - Homestead, FL


Who we are?

Homestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740There is no other company in all of Homestead, FL area that has progressed the way Homestead Restoration Company has in 20 years. Today, our damage restoration company has become a force to be reckoned with! We are not only a household name, but also a preferred vendor for commercial clients. Our strength comes from our dedicated workforce and high-end equipment that helps us carry out each task with utmost efficiency.

In all these years, we have earned a reputation so impressive that most of our business comes from referrals. We have managed to achieve solid work processes and a team of highly-skilled professionals who can handle even the most complex jobs with relative ease. Be it fixing a small leak or reconstructing an entire section of your building, you can avail it all by calling 786-292-9740!

The challenges involved:

  • Soon after a disaster, all the local businesses shut down, including the restoration companies
  • Most service providers could not address these time-sensitive issues promptly. Sometimes they even showed up days after the event
  • The pricing was often ambiguous that scared the users that they will be billed heavily in the end
  • The number of days it took to restore the property often forced the inhabitants to seek alternative means of accommodation.
  • No insurance support was offered to the victims of the disaster, making it burdensome for the property owners to foot the massive claim settlement bill.

The solutions we devised:

On-time service: We reworked our processes and included emergency protocol so that when the time comes, our units are prepared and ready to act. Most importantly, they are all on the same page regarding the next course of action. We are equipped with an advanced mobile fleet to help us run our operations smoothly and efficiently. We can reach your location within 30-minutes of receiving your call, no matter where you are in Homestead, FL area.

24/7 availability: We are open for business 24/7 because we understand that a fire/water damage accident does not observe weekends or public holidays. We also put up a 24-hour emergency hotline that is reachable anytime of the day, all round the year. We make sure that our clients have help when they need it!

Upfront estimates: We don't believe in giving you “rough ideas.” Homestead Restoration Company will thoroughly assess the damage and tell you exactly what jobs will be done and how much it will cost. There will be no rude surprises at the end of it all. Most importantly, it is our transparent pricing that helps clients in receiving their insurance claims easily.

Quick turnaround time: Our sophisticated equipment and trained professionals are always prepared at a moment’s notice. This helps us shorten our turnaround time significantly. What others do in days, we can most likely finish in hours.

Insurance processing: We can assuage the stress that comes with claims settlement. We work with you and your insurance companies so that your claim filing process can move between stages smoothly and you can recoup your losses in time.

We have come a long way from being just another restoration company 20 years ago to being the best there is in Homestead, FL area. If you want to avail our services, just reach out to us at 786-292-9740.