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If you have ever been to or live in Miami-Dade, you would not believe that it once used to be a swampy land riddled with mosquitoes. Fast forward a few decades and what you see is a bustling city with a life of its own. The climate is just perfect, complete with fresh water supply that brought about an influx of residents at its gates. It was only a matter of time when the county saw progress, following the construction of railroads in 1896. Today, the county is an example of sophistication and modernized urban spaces that beckon respect, surrounded by natural beauty. 

Catastrophes of all scales:

Needless to say, Miami-Dade County is what vacationers call paradise. It has classiness and natural splendor in equal measures to deserve the title. However, underneath all this glorious façade lies years of turmoil and destruction at the hands of calamities, natural and otherwise.

  • When nature unleashes its fury:

If you ever ask a Miami-Dade resident of the recent memory that shook their lives, they will probably take you back to 1992 when Hurricane Andrew left the place in shreds. Since then, years have passed but the hurricane remained a boorish reminder of the county’s precarious geographical location. In 2017, Hurricane Irma brought about another agitation into the lives of its residents. No amount of building codes or construction compliances could prevent the flooding or the damage that came with it.

  • When to err is human

If natural disasters weren’t enough, the manmade destruction that came to Miami-Dade in May 2017 swallowing over 1000 acres of land only adds to it. The brush fire, very likely caused by man, burnt everything down to the ground, leaving behind smoke that infiltrated building materials. Just when the county overcame this disaster, another one was brewing right under its nose. Years of unresolved maintenance issues left pipelines unchecked, causing human waste to leak and settle into the pristine waters of Miami-Dade, which was later on spotted and fixed.

It is events like these that highlight the importance of readiness, come rain or fire!

Who can you count on?

Homestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740Science can progress all it wants, but when nature decides to unleash its tempest, there is nothing we can do about it. Next thing you know, your home and all its precious belongings get drenched in flood water. And what of fire? These accidents are rare, but they are as real as risk of theft or robbery. This is why you need Homestead Restoration Company that can help you in case you find yourself amid fire or water destruction. We have served Miami-Dade County for two decades and helped them recover from disasters quickly.

We serve the following cities:

Homestead, FL, Coral Gables, FL, Hialeah, FL, Key Biscayne, FL, Miami, FL, Miami Beach, FL, Miami Gardens, FL, North Miami Beach, FL

What we do?

  • Emergency support: We provide no-questions-asked emergency support to all the residents
  • Flood/water damage: We use sophisticated equipment to extract flood water and dry up your property.
  • Biohazards: We eliminate bio risks such as bacteria and/or mold that threatens to make your property unlivable
  • Fire damage: Our job begins when the firemen leave. We remove residual smoke, soot and burned items. We restore or replace, depending upon the condition of things left. 
  • Construction: We can restore damaged sections or add new rooms to your property. Speak to our construction experts today!

Don't let disaster ruin your life any more than it already has. Just call us at 786-292-9740.