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You can ignore all you like, but water damage is as real as theft or any other contingency that we think will not happen to us until it does. Burst pipe accidents, leaky roofs, leaky faucets etc. happen way more commonly that we’d like to admit. When you leave small moisture related issues aside, you invite mold into your homes that can cause even bigger destruction than structural damage, it affects your health! In worst case scenarios, homeowners don't even know about the plumbing failure and and water damage eating into the foundation of their homes!

These damp spots that you think are nothing more than an eye sore are actually more hazardous than that. If you find even the smallest sign of water damage in your property in Homestead, FL area, make haste and call Homestead Restoration Company on 786-292-9740.

What is water damage?

Water damage is presence of water where it shouldn’t be. It can be identified into three categories:

Category 1: No form of contamination is present in this water. This kind of damage usually happens due to leaky faucets or overflowing bathtubs/sinks.

Category 2: This water is also referred to as ‘grey water’ because of its polluted state. This water originates from your toilet bowls, washing machines etc.

Category 3: This is the most dangerous form of water damage because your property is infected with ‘black water,’ the most unsanitary kind. It is infested with biological and chemical impurities and comes from the sewers. It contains risky bacteria that can cause life-threatening diseases to its inhabitants.

The time factor:

Time is of the essence when you are suffering from a water damage calamity. Not acting fast is the quickest way to escalate the problem. If you think ignoring it will make it go away, then you are wrong! If anything else, it is getting worse with every passing minute.

Within 24-hours: Category 1 water starts seeping into permeable materials, such as carpets, flooring, furnishing etc.

After 24-hours: Category 1 water starts taking the form of Category 2 water as mold formation begins. Some materials can be saved and there will be others that will get completely damaged due to prolonged exposure to water.

By 72-hours: Category 1 & Category 2 water becomes Category 3, the longer you keep your property exposed to water and its debilitating effects. The structural integrity will start giving away and the bacteria proliferation will commence. In this case, your restoration expert will recommend evacuation for your own safety.

Act fast, act right:

It doesn’t matter what causes the water damage, leaving it to its own devices is the worst thing you can do to your property. Don't let it sit unattended while you contemplate your next action. You never know what damage this water is capable of inflicting. Instead of waiting for things to happen on their own, call a water damage expert like Homestead Restoration Company, especially if you are located in Homestead, FL. There is no one better than us, we assure you!

We can:

  • Locate the sourceHomestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740
  • Evaluate the extent of damage
  • Repair or dispose of damaged items in accordance with safety standards
  • Use sophisticated methods to extract water and dry out the area
  • Perform extensive clean-up
  • Sanitize the property
  • Mold removal
  • Undertake repair and restoration work

Don't tackle water damage on your own when you have us in Homestead, FL area. Call us now at 786-292-9740.