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Crawl spaces, wall cracks, crevices, ceilings, attics, basements etc. All these places are a breeding ground for mold, especially since these places are usually dark and dank. Sometimes you see the mold forming, other times it hides beneath layers of wood and wall. It is then when detecting its location becomes highly tricky. Getting rid of the mold should be your number 1 priority, if you see one festering in your home.

Homestead Restoration Company is a well-rounded mold remediation company in Homestead, FL area that provides a full range of services to get rid of your mold problem.

When should you expect to see mold?

Mold is sneaky and can proliferate without your knowledge. However, if you pay heed to the warning signs, you may have actually seen its arrival and ignored it! For instance, your home recently had a pipe burst accident and you thought you did a good job in sucking all the water out and allowing your stuff to naturally air dry. But think about it, there is still moisture in the crack of your flooring, inside wooden furniture and other such spots that you never thought could retain moisture. With poor ventilation and organic matter to feed on, this mold has been growing exponentially. By now you may have noticed your allergies flare up at home or presence of those ugly dark spots on your white walls that signal microorganisms festering inside your home!

3-phases of mold remediation

Phase 1: Inspection:

When you are able to see, in black and white, that there is mold in your home, then don't let profit-hungry companies talk you into getting mold tests done. However, in case you feel something’s off but don't see the mold, then call us on 786-292-9740 to conduct a specialized test using sophisticated equipment.

Phase 2: Containment:

Mold can easily spread to areas you never even imagined, if you allow it to thrive. This is the reason, the first step in mold remediation is to contain its proliferation by using special air filtration devices.

Phase 3: Cleaning:

Any material that has been affected by mold that cannot be repaired is safely disposed. Don't even think about using the regular bleach because it will not make the cut. In fact, rather than alleviating the problem, household bleach is known to intensify the problem. This is why you need Homestead Restoration Company to clean and disinfect your property thoroughly.

Why there needs to be a fourth phase?

It is very sad how most mold remediation companies in Homestead, FL only work on problem that is visible to their eyes. What about the mold that is still lurking and proliferating somewhere in hiding? No matter how vigorously clean, mold cannot be removed like that. It needs proper techniques such as cutting off the moisture supply or proper ventilation to prevent it from coming back. You may also have to look for hidden leaks or other such damages that are happening unbeknownst to you!

If you feel there is mold in your house, don't wait for it to ruin your indoor air quality. Call us at 786-292-9740 and seek professional assistance right now.