Homestead Restoration Company - Water Leaks Detection


When you see a water leak, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Just a nuisance that you will deal with in a couple of days. You will no urgency to call in a professional and have a look at it. You don't even realize that this water leak may actually be just a few steps away from becoming a pipe burst and flooding your home. Yes, these are some very real possibilities of a minor leak escalating to dangerous levels. However, you can prevent all of it if the same leak is detected in its nascent stages, before it inflicts any damage on your precious property. 

Homestead Restoration Company is a reputed name for water leak detection service in Homestead, FL area. We have the tools and the experienced professionals to perform non-invasive leak detection and fix the issue long before it becomes a huge problem.

When should you call us?

Keep an eye out for these signs, it could be a visible or invisible leak. Call us on 786-292-9740, if:

  • Your wallpaper is peeling off in sectionsHomestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740
  • You can hear the sound of running water
  • Water meter readings and usage don't add up
  • Water bills are suddenly too high
  • Soft and stained walls
  • Dank spots on your walls or ceiling
  • Damp odor from the floors, sewers, walls and drain lines
  • Moisture under rugs or carpets
  • Excessive plant growth in some areas of your garden

Types of leaks we address:

Underground leaks:

An underground water leak is the worst kind as it affects your foundation first. As if this wasn’t enough, these leaks are buried deep inside the layers of flooring or grass bedding in your lawn. You may not even know that a destruction is at play while you think your home is in perfect order. A plumber can dig trenches in your garden or break your concrete slabs, only to find that source of the leak is a different place entirely. This is why your first point of contact should be Homestead Restoration Company.

  • How we detect it?

Our sensors can pick up distinctive sounds that indicate leaks. We use acoustic ground sensors and sophisticated headphones to pick on these warning signs and get down to its exact location. 

Over-the-surface leaks:

The problem with hidden leaks is that they don't even come to notice until they have inflicted some sort of damage to the property. While some leaks stare you in the eye, there are others that work at your destruction in silence. This is when you know you are in real trouble! Tearing down your walls or digging up your landscape can be expensive ways to reach the broken line. Instead of doing that, call professionals in Homestead, FL area and let our experts take it from there.

  • How we detect it?

We don't believe in trials and errors. We get down to the leak’s actual location with the help of our advanced equipment. We use thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature variations and narrow down the leak area significantly.

Don't wait for the leak to cause any more damage. Call the experts at 786-292-9740 today!