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Damage is a damage, doesn't matter where it stemmed from. It can be fire or water or even mold, but regardless of the cause, its consequences can be huge. The last thing you want is to come home after a long day at work, only to find that your leaky faucet has now become a burst pipe issue. Your home is flooded with water and all your items have submerged in it. This event is not only devastating, both emotionally and physically, but can also throw your life off-balance. This is a lesson for all those people who leave a small leak unattended, thinking it to be a small issue. However, it can lead to unimaginable problems if not rectified on time. To avoid any permanent damage to your things and precious belongings, it is advisable to call a restoration company. Homestead Restoration Company is the one and only service provider in Homestead, FL area with a formidable reputation and years of experience. We have now worked in remediation and restoration for 20+ years, helping residential and commercial clients along the way.

Our special X-factor:

When we began our operations two decades ago, the industry had already reached its pinnacle. The restoration companies were dime a dozen and it is impossible to get our foot inside the door. However, that didn’t phase us out. In fact, we took it up as a challenge and learned at an early stage that our edge lies in affordability and customer satisfaction. Since then, we have targeted our focus on providing high quality services at affordable prices so that these highly specialized services are always accessible to our clients. It was only a matter of time when our reputation started preceding us and our hotline - 786-292-9740 – never stopped buzzing! Today we are proud to say that there is no other company in the area that can match our quality standards, efficiency, promptness and prices, all at the same time!

Our services are delivered:

  • By the right people:

We truly believe that our success lies in the competent hands of our workforce who represent Homestead Restoration Company on the field. We are only as strong as our weakest member! This is why we choose carefully and pick our resources through meticulous processes. All our skilled experts have years of experience of their own and training that proves beneficial on the field.

  • At the right time:

Our business is time sensitive and any minute lost in contemplation could be the difference between salvageable and destroyed. We have seen how homeowners who didn’t act in time had to pay twice the money to get the same thing reconstructed that could have been easily fixed if the help was sought immediately. This is the reason we come to your aid in 30-minutes, no matter where you call us in Homestead, FL area.

  • In the right manner:

Our job is to provide remediation and restoration services to you, as soon as you need them. We don't waste time in asking unnecessary questions. When you call us, we send our team fully equipped with tools to begin the mitigation process immediately. We will stand by you from the start till the end. We do not provide incomplete assistance to you. Rather, our specialty lies in turnkey solutions that set us apart from the competition.Homestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740

We offer:

  • Prompt response time of 30-minutes
  • Accurate and transparent pricing
  • 24/7 availability
  • Mobile doorstep service
  • Quality services round-the-clock
  • Emergency assistance in Homestead, FL area
  • Remodeling, remediation, restoration and reconstruction experts

Are you burdened by a recent fire accident, not sure what to do? Don't worry, call us at 786-292-9740 and let us help you get over it!

We provide service in Homestead and Miami-Dade County