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Fire can be your slaves, but can also become unruly masters and engulf everything that comes in their way. Fire accidents are common, dangerous and life-threatening. However, despite its fierce nature, if you think you can never recover from a fire accident, then you are wrong. With right restoration company backing you up, you will be able to recover most of your belongings and restore your property to its pre-loss state.

Homestead Restoration Company is a reputed fire damage restoration company in Homestead, FL that provides end-to-end fire damage remediation and restoration services. We have the experience and the infrastructure to help you get back on your feet.

What to do after a fire?

Just when the fire department put out the fire, you have to act immediately and call fire damage restoration experts at 786-292-9740 to take it from there. You must also inform the insurance company about the incident so that claim settlement process can also begin simultaneously. We recommend you to stay away from your property for now and avoid touching anything until the professionals get there. There is a good chance that the structural strength of your property has been compromised by the fire. It may collapse with slightest movement and pose a great risk to you. If not falling structures, you always have toxic fumes and smoke to worry about!

How is fire damage multi-way?

Believe it or not, flames are the least common reason to start a fire in your property. Once your building has been swallowed by a raging fire, burnt things is not your only concern. Some other risks include:

  • Structural damage:

The most noticeable damage is inflicted on your flooring, walls, roof, doors etc. that get charred beyond recognition in the accident

  • Water damage:

The water used by firefighters to put out the fire can devastate your possessions, just like the fire. It can also lead to mold formation and soot buildup on all the things that are still inside.  

  • Smoke damage:

Smoke can pose choking hazard, stain your walls and lead a terrible odor behind

  • Shattered windows:

Windows shatter as a result of increased pressure created by fire incinerating oxygen in the air.

  • Plumbing/electrical failures:

Plumbing and electrical lines melt due to impact of fire. These will have to be replaced for safe usage.

Comprehensive solutions for multi-way damage:

  • Emergency measures: Homestead Restoration Company starts remedial process immediately to prevent the damage from increasing
  • Disposal: We use approved safety standards to dispose off the damaged items safely
  • Clean-up: Soot and debris is effectively removed from the property
  • Decontamination:  The property is decontaminated from water damage and further disinfection is carried out to prevent mold formation
  • Smoke removal: We use high quality purifiers to eliminate smoke and residual particles, restoring the indoor air quality
  • Restoration: We repair and restore all the items that are salvageable
  • Plumbing/electrical: Plumbing and electrical wiring is repaired
  • Construction: Damaged sections of the property are rebuilt

We perform full analysis of the damage and then start the remediation process. We only leave when your property has regained its original state. So why wait for the damage to spread when you can control it? If you are in Homestead, FL, call us at 786-292-9740 and we will get there within 30-minutes to help you overcome the fire disaster.