Homestead, once a land filled with pine trees and palmetto shrubs, is now a bustling city located in Miami-Dade County. After the arrival of the railways, the land experienced a spurt of growth, where the raw wilderness gave way to a small frontier town that quickly multiplied in size. Even decades down the line, the area that was once the epicenter of rural life still retains its rustic charm and its scenic beauty, despite growing into an upscale city.

1992: The year Homestead almost perished

Despite not being on the immediate coast, that still doesn’t dilute the region’s potential for being at the edge of destruction. Decades ago, the city of Homestead found itself in the eye of a Category 5 hurricane named Andrew. Its 175-mph winds leveled the city, destroyed most of its infrastructure and left a large part of the populace homeless. When Andrew passed, it was almost as if it had wiped the city off the map – but it hadn’t. The city was resurrected once more, and the once-sleepy farm town was transformed into a vast Miami exurb over the following two decades.

Is Homestead relatively safe?

Though the 1992 disaster sends shivers running down the spines of the city’s inhabitants, Homestead was spare the brunt of other disasters that followed. Wilma, Katrina and Irma merely brushed passed it and did not cause significant damage, which brings us to the question: Was 1992 a one-time thing? No, it wasn’t – and there’s a chance it might recur once more, which makes it vital that every resident is prepared for the same! Stay cautious and always keep the number of a reliable disaster restoration company like Homestead Restoration Company with you, so you can get the requisite assistance right when you need it.

Why choose us?

We’ve been serving the local region for decades, and have watched the city rise, fall and then rise again. During our time in Homestead, we’ve gathered valuable information from our observations in the field and have evolved our work techniques in accordance with it. While others may not have the skill or the preparedness that we do, our number – 786-292-9740 – is available 24/7, and we have a team at the ready, prepared to tackle just about any emergency thrown our way. While others may not always be there to serve you, Homestead Restoration Company has stood by the Homestead community for years now, come rain, flood or fire.

You can hire us for the following services:

  • Water, fire and mold damage restorationHomestead Restoration Company Homestead, FL 786-292-9740
  • Cleaning up after a disaster
  • Debris removal
  • Decontaminating the property
  • Identification of hidden water leaks
  • Fixing structural damage
  • Repairs on faulty plumbing
  • Reconstruction services
  • Home renovation/makeover

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